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Deepak Sareen Associates

Helping you get the best from your Time Recording System.

Deepak Sareen Associates have specialised in providing best of breed time recording, time tracking and time billing solutions for small and medium sized companies, corporate and government departments for over 20 years.

We now provide full Sales, support and consultancy services throughout Australia, Far East and Middle East Markets for the following products.

  • Sage Timeslips
  • Sage Timesheet
  • Timesheet Professional
  • Insperity Timesheet Professional
  • Office Timesheets

We have taken over all customers from Time & Billing Consultants Pty in this region.

If you have any queries about any of these products or just have a general time or billing requirement, please contact us as our consultants.

We also provide

  • Timesheet Professional (Previously Sage Timesheet) Support Programs
  • Sage Timeslips support programs.
  • New and additional licences for existing systems.
  • Consultative advice on how to fix or restructure your database.
  • Full database recovery services.
  • The ability to bring your Sage Timesheet/Timesheet Professional system into a modern web environment with updated Mobile phones.
  • A full Time slips support and consultancy service.
  • Remote training on all these products.

With our flexible range of time recording, time tracking and time billing products and services, we should be able to provide an excellent solution for your organisational time recording, regardless of size or business focus.

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